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11Mbps + Fiber TV

Rs 3450 for 3 months

Online Exclusive

up to 6Mbps + Fiber TV

Rs 600/month for 12 months

Fiber for Student

up to 11Mbps + Fiber TV

Rs 900/month for 12 months

Fiber for Home

up to 22Mbps + Fiber TV


Fiber for Startup

up to 33Mbps + Fiber TV

Rs 1300/month for 12 months

Fiber for Cafe

up to 44Mbps + Fiber TV

Rs 1500/month for 12 months

Fiber for Business

Turbo Up, Nepal!

The Non-stop Experience

Get great Entertainment from the world popular TV channels and watch ‘em all in High Definition


Just had installation earlier this morning. The guy was very professional and the connection was active as soon as he’d finished. Currently experiencing download speeds even quicker than is advertised! Great experience so far.

Session Tamrakar

Session Aasha Tamrakar Homestay

Best broadband installation I have ever had, so easy no waiting around Subesh was on time, worked quickly and when i had a small problem later on that evening he helped me to sort it straight away! Didn’t even have to ring customer services and wait on hold for ages :) Thanks very much Subesh, great customer service!


Priyanka University of Kathmandu

After some time trying to get my phone line working I received a call from Situ and in no time at all the issue was identified and resolved. Situ was brilliant, he clearly has a wealth of experience trouble shooting. Thank you Situ and Ultranet


Raj Hotel Manager

The Future is Fibre

Forget copper! As broadband demands increase with technological advancements, fibre optics are the new standard for higher network speeds, stability and quality.

Full HD Enjoyment

On fibre broadband, it takes only minutes for a full HD movie to finish downloading, and the increased rate means you can even stream shows to watch while they download. No more having to suffer the buffer!

Turbo Internet Speed

Light travels faster, no questions about that. Since optic fibres transmit light, they can deliver much higher speeds than copper cables. A 100% fibre optic connection allows us to ensure that you get the speeds you subscribe to.

Seamless Internet Calls

Fibre broadband has the capacity to handle heavier demand on your bandwidth, so video calls on a fibre connection are clearer and more seamless. You might as well be talking to the person through a window!

Smooth Online Gaming

Connection speed, denoted in megabits per second (Mbps), has become critical in order to be an accomplished player. With fibre broadband speeds currently in the hundreds and still climbing, users can enjoy minimal lag and a smooth connection – every gamer’s dream.

Better Stability

Fibre optics is much less susceptible to environmental factors such as temperature and electromagnetic interference. In addition, attenuation is lower with fibre optics as well. This translates to a more stable connection for you.

Security Performance

Fibre optic cables transmit data via light, they are much less susceptible to outside interference (no more network issues during rainy days) and much more reliable. You can shop to your heart’s content and not worry about your money disappearing into the black holes of the Internet.

Our Team

Ultranet management team believes in Future-proof technology so we chose to implement the 100% fibre optics cables from end to end, unlike service providers who use a combination of copper and fibre optics. On top of that, we know our network infrastructure well to ensure the quality of the service we deliver to you.

Managing Director of Ultranet Communication

Subesh Tamrakar

Managing Director

The impetus to start a business comes in many forms; for Subesh Tamrakar, co-founder of Ultranet Communication, it was an abrupt firing that sparked the fire on his previous employer overseas. Later, He was convinced by family and friends to open a internet service business; His wife arranged the financing and the rest is history. Today, Ultranet has nearly full coverage hotspots and boosts their internet subscribers to 23000 in the Kavre district.

Head of ISP Enginner of Ultranet Communication

Situ Sainju

ISP Civil Engineer

An environmental and civil engineer, Situ was the one who demostrates and engineeiring submarine cable network infrastructure in the company. That turned into the end result: Ultranet was launched and live. Though Subesh and Situ faced skepticism in the early days they forged ahead, creating a huge demanding internet industry in the region that’s still alive and kicking.

Network and Server Engineer of Ultranet Communication

Anup Thapa

Network Communication Engineer

As a network communication engineer, Anup’s job is to sees the network as a large collection of discrete, separate functional elements that each have a function that contributes to the operational whole; then focussed on the Operating Systems and the platforms that run on them. Each system is discrete, and her tasks then transform to the convenient of the uninterrupted and fast internet service our users are enjoying.

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66000 Downloading K/b
33000 Uploading K/b
23000 Users
130 Coverages K/m

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